A Night in XIV Kyoto Yase Rikyu

Hello again! This is the continuation of my historical journey in Kyoto, Japan.
After roaming around in the streets of Kyoto, We checked-in in a Membership-only Private Resort Hotel. The membership is composed of hotel owners, who live all over Japan. Open to members only, the hotel can only be used by members and persons authorised by members. Well, The Owner of our Company is one of the member of this hotel, thats why we have a privelegde to spend a night on this Hotel. They called it XIV HOTEL and it has 24 sites all over Japan.

It starts with a glittering glass cascade, water leads from grid, to line, to landscape.

and this is the view when you enter this luxury place,

after waiting in the lobby, our Group leader assigned as in our rooms, I can`t wait to see our luxury rooms.

As soon as enter in my room, i took a picture of the interior of the room.

It think it was my best hotel that I visited in Japan.
Im so greatful that i went here with my work mates.