Autumn Season is here!!!

Hello guys!

Its Kathryn again!

It is really nice to see some colors of the leaves changes into

vibrant shades of orange, red, yellow, and brown.

Here in Japan, the natural phenomenon is called koyo or momiji(red leaves).

There is also an activity where  Japanese people or even the tourist are searching for

the most striking shades of leaf is known as Momijigari(ref leaf hunting).

This is very popular in Japan for centuries.

I want to share some 5 best places where you can exerience a breathtaking here

in Aichi Prefecture and Mie Prefecture.

1.  KORANKEI (toyota)

 you can have a long walk in a river full off maple trees

2.Obara Fureai Park

This place is one of the rarest and most spectacular

of all  because of the autumn leaves together with the sakura flower in full bloom.

3.Higashi Park (okazaki)

this park has a zoo with large pond . you can enjoy your autumn leaves viewing with

your pets.

4.Higashiyama Zoo

you can enjoy your autumn season with a botanical garden and a zoo.

you can also vsit the oldest greenhouse in Japan.


You can experience the most romantic autumn place in Japan.

It is the most popular illumination with a 7million LED light bulbs.

it also has the largest Autumn Flower Festival.

I really recommend this places!