Magical Winter in Japan

As winter approaches, everyone is excited with the magical Winter experience in Japan.

there are many places you can visit in Japan,

some people want to explore places some of them wants to stay at the house to enjoy the cozy feeling of winter.

you can visit some snow festival, the most popular is in hokaido.

the Sapporo snow festival welcomes upwards of two million people,

showcasing hundreds of sculptures made of ice and snow.

The festival is held in the first week of February in Odori park, Susukino & tsudome.

You can also experience to ski and snowboarding.

Warm up in an onsen hot spring after.

Get out of the biting cold and indulge in a relaxing bath, taking a soak in the mineral-rich waters of Japan’s many natural hot springs. With fresh, pure water bubbling out from the volcanic earth below, many towns and villages have sourced this soothing water for hundreds of years, developing a rich culture around public bathing and relaxation. Take a day or two to escape the city and relax. Some locations have outdoor baths, and enjoying the hot water with snow all around is magical.