l am not easy to love.

I have my world in my head and it’s so chaotic inside.

To love me, you must learn to understand me very well.

You must be patient with me all the time.

I always think too much, and I get hurt too easily.

I am not the kind of person who forgets how you hurt me,

so, make sure that you never give me heartache.

I am not easy to love-partly because I’ve been hurt a lot.

To love me, you must be willing to come into my chaotic world.

You must understand that it’s not easy.  I need constant assurance just to be at peace at night.

I need to feel safe every time I’m falling apart. I need to feel enough and worthy just so I won’t question my worth.

Those are just little things that you should always remember.

 But the most important thing that you must need to know before coming into my life is that I love you too much.

Loving too much means getting hurt so badly if it’s not valued properly.

The moment I love, I never want to stop.

So, if you want to come into my life and love me, make sure that your intentions are pure

and that you are willing to do everything for me as much as I am willing to do everything for you.

I am not easy to love, but when I love, I’d do everything to make it last.