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Hello every one~. This is Hannah from Action 1 Nishi Mikawa.

The world is pretty chaotic right now, because of the global panic around Coronavirus (COVID-19). It‘s very normal to feel overwhelmed or stressed by it all.

With everything that`s happening, it is very hard to not worry about ourselves and our families (~.~).

However~ it is important to go easy on ourselves and take time for self-care~

I recommend the following self-care activities that you can do at home:

  • Stay active (indoor exercise)
  • Take 10 to be zen
  • Chat with your mates
  • Make a homemade meal
  • Take a break from the news
  • Make a music playlist
  • Declutter for five minutes
  • Watch or read something uplifting
  • Learn something new.

Just remember, being kind to yourself will not only help you stay calm during this difficult time, it can also help you have the energy to help and be there with your loveones.

Everyone is having a hard time right now and the market price of used cars in aution is doooown, which is why we are carrying out a biiiig sale~.

Are you thinking of buying a new car??? Planning on increasing your number of cars???

This is your best chance to buy a car for a great deal!

We are looking forward to your inquiry and/or visit!


Action 1 Nishi Mikawa Hannah 💛