This is for someone who felt stuck in a one-sided love or unrequited love situation.
I know that letting go of unrequited love was tough.
I personally held onto hope for so long,
thinking maybe someday the person would feel the same,
that tables will turn.
But the truth hit hard, she didn’t.
It felt like my heart was stuck in a tug of war,
torn between what I wanted and what was real.
I kept remembering everything again and again,
and each time it hurt because it reminded me of what could never happen.
But I knew I had to let go.
I know that it wasn’t fair to keep holding on to something that wasn’t meant to be,
and I owe it to myself to think about what I deserve.
It took time, tears, and a lot of self-reflection, but slowly I started to release the grip.
It wasn’t easy, there were moments when I wanted to go back.
Yet, with each step forward, I felt lighter and freer.
Letting go of unrequited love wasn’t just about them,
it was about me,
choosing to love myself enough to let the person who didn’t reciprocate go,
and choose me over something that’s not meant to happen.
We all deserve reciprocation without begging for it.